• Investing and Financing


Chief Executive Officer

Ján Šupa

Responsible for overall management of the company.

EU Structural Funds Coordinator

Radek Kögler

Responsible for coordinating the use of EU structural funds within the group’s project portfolio.

Business Consultant

Klára Bezoušková

Organizing and executing assigned business projects. Analysing business processes and recommending improvements.

Financial Analyst

Monika Rokosová

Consolidating and analyzing financial data. Assembling and summarizing data to structure reports on financial status and risks.

Office Manager

Lucie Kovaříková

Supports company operations by maintaining office systems, supervising and managing administrative staff. Organize office operations and procedures.

Business Financing


Seed Capital

Any startups that are looking for capital in the initial stages of development can seek resources within our group.

Venture Capital

Businesses that already have the basics on the way and look for capital in order to expand, improve or invest in another way may find the necessary help by working with us.


Our group is able to assist investors who are looking for debt financing that traditional lenders are unable to provide.

Consumer Loans

Real Estate & Development

Retail and Commercial Premises

Our company is looking for retail and commercial premises suitable for various types of tenants ranging from fast foods to grocery stores, drugstores, etc.
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Development of residential apartment
complexes and buildings

Import / Export

Importing New
products into CEE

Brands that are looking for expansion to the CEE markets can find in us a strong and reliable partner. We are able to manage and participate in the entire process from preparing the initial research to listing the products withe multi-national retail chains such as …….

Currently we specialize mostly in Beverages (both alcoholic and non-alcoholic), but we are able to provide assistance with any other products sold in the multi-national retail outlets

Exporting products

Whether you are a product portfolio manager, investor or other party looking for interesting and unique products to introduce to your market, we will be able to assist you if you are targeting the following industries:

Distillates / Fruit Brandies

Premium fruit distillates and other spirits.


Traditional wines from the Moravian region of Czech Republic – EUROPE.

Electrical Installation
Material – SE

The electrotechnical industry in Czech Republic and Slovakia has a long tradition of quality at a reasonable price.

Intermediary Services

Any parties interested in selling products to the multinational retail chains in CEE can find a strong and reliable partner in our company.
Our services include:

  • market analysis and research, including store-check
  • assistance in creating a marketing strategy for a specific product or brand along with a realistic budget, pricing strategy and design
  • assistance / consulting regarding the development of new products
  • facilitating the listing of new EAN codes with the retailers
  • product portfolio analysis
  • negotiation of yearly contractual conditions
    (bonuses, sales / time limited offers. etc.)
  • negotiation for the terms of product listing, fliers and other marketing items
  • assistance with resolving fines and penalties


EU Structural Funds

Investing Projects


Corporate Structures


Financial Analyst

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Team Assistant

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